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Blood Cult Boogie

Heroing is hard. Dying is harder.

When one of Romy Zingel's classmates ends up dead in their quiet college town of Autumn Ridge, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to finally follow her dream of being a hero. It's illegal to hero without certification from The Watchtower, a group that trains and deploys metahumans to save the world (or at least the neighborhood), but it's also illegal to murder students.

She manages to wrangle a few other people—like her roommate Lian Zhen, an Arcane mage; Ezra Clark, her pyrokinetic friend; Oliver Miller, a mutual on social media; and Tamer Johnson and Milo Alfonsi-Colón, a couple of locals who have no problem with breaking some rules—into her big idea to investigate and solve the murder.

With each new clue, however, it becomes more and more clear that they're getting into something far deeper than Romy could have ever predicted.

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