blood cult boogie

Heroing is hard. Being murdered is harder.

An ancient cult has resurfaced after its last defeat in the 1980s, determined to finally resurrect an old god that promises them places of power when it rules the world. Their targets? Metahumans. Their rituals? Blood sacrifice.

Romy Zingel gave up on her dream of heroing years ago, but when she's asked to sacrifice her own safety and sleep to finish what her trainer, ex-pro hero Joanna Naylor, couldn't accomplish decades ago, she jumps at the chance and even wrangles her best friend/roommate/Arcane mage Lian Zhen into joining her.

She and the others who agreed to join have to hide their illegal heroing and keep their secret identities safe while they investigate whether the cult has really returned or if Joanna is jumping at shadows, each making precious sacrifices for the sake of keeping the world safe from a powerful god sealed away in an unknown location. And when they discover the truth, they have to decide how they'll spend their last days on Earth as they know it.

© a.r. rutter 2020