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Save the dragons, save the world.

After finding out the dragons in her home country, Siazysk, died out generations ago, Alder Marya started working incredibly hard to get a student visa and scholarship to the Copperview Royal Conservatory in Udensk, the only remaining country that has its own living dragons. And after winning her admission to the university and studying for years, Alder's working very hard to progress to field study, normally reserved for graduate students.

So when she overhears her mentor Professor Ravo discussing a poacher killing the royally protected dragons in the Undeyn Forest, Alder decides to take this opportunity to make a name for herself; she drags Rin, her alchemist roomie (and crush), along to the forest to find clues, but ends up finding a dangerous plot to overthrow the king that will put all the dragons and Udensk's very magic at risk.

The regicide is pretty bad, but Alder's here to save the dragons.

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