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Issue o5: July 2021

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

We're here on time lads! But as I said last month, I have an excuse for fucking things up.

Wife Visit

Because this isn't really writing-related, I'll keep it shorter, but! Mine wife (ActiasLuna on BMaC & Patreon) came to visit and ended up staying for almost three weeks. It kind of made it clear how much I'd been struggling with mental illness, how much I needed my increased dosage for my meds, and also it was fun. So I spent my time working on paid things with them instead of writing newsletter. Sorry. Overall, I think my mental health is doing better than it was, but I'm still not doin super great lmao. We're trying.

Buy Me A Coffee Support

This is both for me to keep track of what's up but also as a breakdown for anyone who's thinking of supporting me or who is supporting me already.

SUPPORT: The default widget reading "buy A.r. Rutter a coffee"

This is essentially a tip jar! You can send me $3 one time. It's a way to show support and appreciation for the things I post, what I write, or just being a writer trying their best despite bad brains. Supporters get access to supporter-only posts too, which are usually character art and pictures of my cat Peanut. I will take suggestions for what else might be good to add to supporter-only posts!

MEMBERSHIP: A recurring monthly payment. Two tiers, $5/month and $10/month.

The $5 tier is a bigger tip jar; because it's monthly, it comes with access to short excerpts from my WIPs, first looks at WIPs before I post the main WIP page, and short story ideas I'm working on.

The $10 tier comes with longer excerpts, revision notes, and plotting notes for those of you who like spoilers.

I tried to pick things that I can deliver that will be interesting. My schedule isn't the most consistent because I'm Bad Brains McGee, ufm, but without the pressure to deliver chapters for higher-cost tiers when I simply Can Not Write (largely because I have to work freelance to cover the bills and have no spoon reserves, but also regular mental illness issues), I can take the pressure off of myself while still making sure my supporters get content.

Blood Moon Draft: Silver Bullets

I already posted a sneak peek of the Blood Draft WIP announcement/highlights for the Blood Moon Draft of Silver Bullets (open to $10 members), but I'll be posting a public WIP highlight soon! I'm working on drafting the updated plot and nailing down details to add to what I've already written up.

The first draft of Silver Bullets was just called Were (as in werewolf) and it was another weird attempt at making something political. Somehow, werewolves were the governing force of the world (I like came up with weak explanations but I'm not going to embarrass myself by revealing them now) and werewolf hunters were called "hunters" as a propaganda thing; they were really just out here protecting themselves from their werewolf overlords. It was...bad. But I still liked the characters and the basic ideas, so eventually, I got the idea to take werewolves and put them in the late 50s or early 60s. Because like...there aren't a lot of period werewolf pieces that aren't Van Helsing or that were made in the time they're set.

Literature & Latte Scapple

I'm a simple bear. I've been using Scrivener for around 10 years now to write because I have memory issues. Being able to keep together my manuscript, plot notes, worldbuilding notes, and any other notes I need all at hand? I am simple and I Need That. Because I'll forget what I was writing, I'll forget where I wrote the notes down, I'll forget everything. I started having to write BCB backwards because I forgot what ending I had planned, so the beginning section is a disaster mess that has nothing to do with anything.

So I used my NaNoWriMo 2020 winner discount with Literature & Latte and got Scapple half off so I can try plotting outside of notebooks. I like plotting in notebooks, but it's also a pain when I forget what I wrote pages ago because I have to stop working for days at a time and have to go back. So this will hopefully give me a better chance to plot in more detail and deal with the memory issues I know I have.

I'll include screenshots in some $10 member posts too.

Post Roundup


I submitted to a magazine calling for flash fiction. It wasn't accepted, but I liked it enough and posted it. The prompt was "ink," so I had to write a story in 300 words or less with just that to go on. But I like how it turned out, so supporters will get an early look on BMaC before I post it here, I think. Or maybe I'll save her for a collection. I'm not sure lmao.


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