Silver Bullets

When you're a wolf, you're a wolf all the way.

The Silver Bullets and Lowbred Lobos don't snap and dance during their rumbles; they fight tooth, claw, and silver-coated weapons.

Donna Russo started the Bullets years ago to keep her neighborhood safe; her little sister Dylan was poised to take over the club before, well. Normally you're a Bullet until you bite it, but things get complicated when you get bit.

That was years ago; a tense but fair truce fell between the Lobos and the Bullets. But now a new leader, this one calling himself the Alpha, has taken over the Lobos, and the truce doesn't make him happy. What does? Recruiting boys to grow his own power; if the Bullets won't join him, he'll just have to make sure he's got too many wolves on his side for them to do a damn thing about.

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